Hey bros!

Welcome to another “Behind the Scenes” look at Super Frat.

As you can see, today’s strip features Tyler LaRouche (last character on the right in the third panel).  Tyler is only the second member of Gamma Iota Alpha to appear in the strips.  (The first was Hanson Vandemeer back in strip #39 during the Army of Dumb storyline.)

Like MPH, Tyler is his fraternity’s Parlimentarian.  Tyler and the other Gammas all appeared in Super Frat: Rush Week Special, our first printed comic book.  They were in a comic book formatted story called “Easy as CIA” (which I forgot to title in the book).  Tyler is a combination of a younger Tucker Carlson, mixed with Bill Kristol and a good amount of neocon politics.  You know, one of those guys that insists on wearing a bowtie because he thinks it’s cool, because it’s not cool, but it’s still not.  Tyler is kind of the opposite of Ira in politics and, like Ira, he’s really the very political guy in the frat.

MPH isn’t really driven by politics.  I guess for him, it’s more about race and getting respect for himself.  If you don’t know who Dana Perino is, she was Bush’s very hot press secretary.

Am I crazy?  She’s hot, right?  Way too hot to be working in Washington.  It’s hard to find sexy pictures of her.  She was smart enough not to get caught frolicking on the beach in a bikini.  Bush should’ve sent her out in a bikini.  With half or more the press corp hypnotized by boobs, they would’ve been even more compliant.

Anyhow, like I was saying in the last Behind the Scenes, I wrote the MPH/Obama Intern story several months ago, so we’re still trying to catch up.  I think we’re almost there.  MPH is still helping the Obama transition team, so it would still be January/February.  (Chris still loves drawing Dick Cheney.)  This time of year, it’s crazy trying to get new strips done.

It’s weird how everything happens all at once.  This Christmas, between the recession (well, Depression, really), the holidays, a fucking blizzard that hit New Jersey and the usual writing gigs I’ve got going, it’s just been nuts.  For instance, as I write this at 9pm on Wednesday, I’ve got a comic book signing tonight from 11pm to 1am (midnight madness sale) at All Things Fun.  But before I got to that, I’ve got a call about the Super Secret Super Frat project that I keep mentioning, but can’t talk about yet.   Plus, two other people are supposed to call and there’s going to be a visitor.

It all happens at once, Bros.

Anyhow, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and all.