Hey, bros!

Welcome to another edition of Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant works on one of my favorite shows (Mythbusters), it’s Grant Imahara.  Grant’s got mad geek cred, but that sets the bar high for tweets.  Let’s take a look.

November 17th, 11:29pm: “Finally home with my shiny new copy of Star Trek in Blu-Ray. -Hey, I watched Twilight last night. I *deserve* this. Muhahaha!

What did I tell ya?

November 18th, 1:49am: “Re: Star Trek- I’ll say it again, the casting is awesome, esp Karl Urban and I need a U.S.S. Kelvin salt shaker. ;)

Yep, that’s just what I said.  His Bones was right on the money.

November 18th, 3:30pm: “RT @MythBusters: Got a question for Kari Byron? She’ll be live-tweeting from @MythBusters next Wed 11/25 at 9p et AND 9P pt!

Will there be more bikini-related myths in the upcoming season?

November 19th, 6:21pm: “http://twitpic.com/q5oks – Like an 80’s video? #fromset #Mythbusters

Yeah, I could totally see you guys singing a song from the Cars.  Maybe “Let’s Go”.

November 19th, 6:30pm: “http://twitpic.com/q5pw6 – “Um guys, I think I got my head stuck inside.” #fromset #Mythbusters

Finally, the myth of the Headless Horseman busted.

November 21st, 1:55pm: “Cool pics of Statue of Liberty under construction from the Library of Congress http://bit.ly/5CJYXa http://bit.ly/8woySU


November 23rd, 7:01pm: “http://twitpic.com/qovya – Time to turn up the heat! #fromset #Mythbusters

Make sure you get the sound guy in there.  I wouldn’t want to miss the audio of the welding.

November 23rd, 7:05pm: “http://twitpic.com/qowl1 – Kari shooting an X-mas commercial for Discovery #fromset #Mythbusters

Not bad.  Personally, I prefer her FHM shoot.

Or the bikini episo—  I mean, Shark episode of Mythbusters.

November 25th, 11:52am: “This just made my morning! RT @thinkgeek: LEGO Matrix Trinity Help video: http://j.mp/5Kv93b

Yeah, Collegehumor has a side by side comparison to the original.

November 26th, 3:04pm: “Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the all-day #Mythbusters marathon…

I did.  Goes great with digesting and turkey farts.

November 27th, 7:53pm: “http://twitpic.com/r8k9z – The astromech droids here have loose slots! #vegasbaby

The C3-PO roulette paid off better.

November 28th, 12:33am: “I’m watching a giant talking frog sing Garth Brooks. I’m not drunk. Okay maybe a little, but it’s really happening. #onlyinvegas

You sure it isn’t the real Garth Brooks?  Maybe he just really let himself go?

November 30th, 12:38pm: “Back from a weekend in Vegas and off to the bomb range this morning.

Finally, you can bust all the gambling related myths.  Like why I keep losing at blackjack when I have a perfect system.

November 30th, 12:38pm: “I like thanksgiving in Vegas. There’s less clean-up. Usually.

Yeah, it sucks when you barf up turkey during a drunken game of craps at home.

November 30th, 4:43pm: “http://twitpic.com/rmjkk – Ready to fire! #fromset #Mythbusters

If it was anyone else posting that pick, you’d guys be classified as a crazy right wing militia by the government.

9 hours ago: “The MacGyver Multitool http://bit.ly/9667n #geekgifts (via @cecycorrea @TeeSpirit)

Nice!  You guys should do a MacGyver episode.

7 hours ago: “Fighting robots are back! RT @Mister_Robotics: The 2009 Combots Cup Cometh! Tickets HERE- http://bit.ly/5xYP1n

I miss those robot cage matches.  If only the robots were programed to feel pain.

Nice tweets, Grant.  Short, informative, fun and to the point.  Let’s rate ’em.  I give Grant a 7 for Style, a 9 for Mustness and an 8 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 8.  Definitely a good tweet, especially if you follow Mythbusters.  And if you know a good tweet, shoot us an email.