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Every Thursday, Super Frat lists individuals whose behaviors have been so deplorable that they should eat a dick.

Hey bros, Chris is crushing some mad deadlines, so he asked me to deliver some dick-related justice.

 –  This one is particularly annoying to me.  A NJ man allegedly ran down a bicyclist while texting about his illegal drugs.  I have a text for you, pal:  et a plt o dck.  That short enough for you “text boy”?

– And please, don’t antagonize cops.  They have a enough to do.  For instance, don’t listen to a police scanner and dress up as a suspect to see if the cop will chase you.  This is truly a move deserving of a dick-related serving.  (Hey, it rhymed!)

– To the Georgia teacher that allegedly put a hit out on a student.  Here’s a lesson plan for you:  “Two, four, six, eat a plate of dicks”.

–  And what is it with teachers this week?  A science teacher allegedly robbed a pharmacy and then a bank because of “personal issues”.  You know what’s an even bigger personal issue?  Being an ex-con!  Here’s an experiment for you, eat a dick, observe, note findings, repeat as needed.

– And finally, to the guy that allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill off his business partner in a Lasik eye surgery place.  What looks better?  Eating a dick from one foot away or up close?

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