2nd Assistant Pledgemaster Tony D mans his post

New York, New York it’s a helluva town, bros.  Well, at least Pier 94 is, where I spent most of my weekend.  Smack dab in the middle of the Big Apple Comic Con.  Thanks again to our good friend, Spat for getting us a table.  Although the weather and trains conspired to make the journey tough for some fans, there were plenty of bros in attendance, including Mike Holman of Jackass fame (AKA: Brother Meatloaf Himself, frat bro since 2007).

Please welcome the new bros from Big Apple Comic Con!


Brothers Punchy and Credit Limit


Brothers Brewski, Jim Bean and U.N.


Brothers Dropped Call and Twisty


Brothers Lil’ Ped, Ped, Girl and  Red Roar


Brothers Wacom and Commando


Brothers Chill and Pompadour

nyc09bro01.jpg nyc09bro02.jpg

Brother Flash Drive                                  Brother Petri


Brother Olympic                                      Brother Kayman


Brother Sophiqua                                      Brother Tone Bone

nyc09bro07.jpg nyc09bro08.jpg

Brother Hemingway                                 Brother Gonzo

New bros, don’t forget to find the secret web page with the secret handshake.  You can find it on the front page of the Lambda Sigma Rho website here.  Let’s just say you don’t have to have altruistic motives to find it.