Welcome to another edition of Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  This week our contestant is Miss Destructo.  Partially because it was by request and partially because some of you may remember my assistant, Tony Destructo, that accommpanied to many conventions back in the day


with the Altar of Sacrifice.   Anyhow, Miss Destructo is way different.  Let’s see how:

Her bio states: “Destroyer of Social Media Boredom. Will Work For Yams. Nothing is Impossible.”  Good so far.  And you gotta love smart chicks and punk girls and smart girls that are punk, well, bonus.

24 hours ago:  “This is what he was throwing off the roof.

Yeah, don’t do that.  Remember what happened in the Dawn of the Dead remake.  Ka-boom!

21 hours ago:  “Huge New Twitter Favorite! Want to know about the coolest events in South Carolina. @SceneSC

There’s cool events in South Carolina?  What do you mean like church with food?

21 hours ago: “I need a full body massage. Totally wish I lived closer to @HealthyLounge

And I wish they had live webcams at HL, but we can’t all get what we want.

20 hours ago: “I want to be the Twitter Czarina of Greenville RT @GuyKawasaki: Britain appoints a Twitter czar:

Judging by the relentless tweets, you more than qualify, Ms. D.

19 hours ago:  “Night of Carnivale Number 3. One and half more seasons!

Didn’t realize that show was still on.  Heard it was good.

19 hours ago: “I don’t have a fairy godmother… I have @barrymoltz

Shameless cross promotion.  Let’s continue.

19 hours ago: “Chicago twitters ! I’ll be in town on July 2nd! :)

Wow, do twitterers have that kind of fan base?  She does have over 3000 followers.  Be careful Ms. D.  Some are just captivated by your good looks and sassy hair style.

18 hours ago:  “July 2nd- Destructo Froman Yam Queen of Greenville is in Chicago. Who wants to tweetup that evening?”

You’re a relentless hipster, Ms. D.  “Tweetup”.  That’s so 2009.

18 hours ago:  “How did you know! RT @kelliebob: RT @JRCohen: The diff between Twitter/Non twitter people is twitter people tweet and non twitter people pee”

Um, wha?  Let’s check the pretentious meter for that.


Hmm, just as I thought.  Very high.  Let’s see if she can pull out of this hipster dive before the end.

18 hours ago:  “Just did a radio questionairre with Chicken Pop Pod. May have used the Dr. Girlfriend voice….

Wow, she does look like Dr. Girlfriend.  That is kinda cool.  Of course, no one could see that on a podcast.

18 hours ago:  “Everyone needs to visit @chickepoppod Pop Culture Masters of Disaster. Those guys are fun. :)

Okay.  Back to promotion, which I’m not against.  Hell, that’s basically my whole twitter.  Here’s the link for the CPP.

18 hours ago:  “Miss Destructo meets mayor Knox White? (the real one) Tune in this thursday….@linkingtheupstate”

I realize you only have 140 characters, but what’s going to happen?  Where are we tunning in to?  I’m guess Miss Destructo’s blog will have the answers.

17 hours ago:  “My theme song. RT @jvance325: (She’s) He-s our hero. Gonna take pollution back to zero. #90scartoons”

Ah, Captain Planet.  Someone tell me is it ironic, campy or just lame?

7 hours ago:  “Maybe I will stop by? RT @Lee_Brewer: Tech After 5 this afternoon starting at 5:30pm, Barley’s Taproom, downtown Greenville.

Okay, she drinks, so there’s a plus.

6 hours ago: “Heading out to the Healthy Lounge soon!! @HealthyLounge”

And she drinks some more.  Possibly with full body massage.

2 hours ago: “Downtown. Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel.”

About an hour ago:  “Miss Destructo’s Beauty Secrets

Now that sounds like good advice.  Ladies take heed.

Let’s rate Miss Destructo.  I would say that all those tweet probably cut down on the quality somewhat as her real effort seems to be put into her blog.  But hey, I’ve been there.  My Myspace blog has basically become another twitter for me.  So I’ll have to give her a 5 for Mustness.  Miss D is also very level headed, except maybe for the throwing of heavy objects off her roof.  I’ll have to give her a 7 for Insanity.  And her Style, well, I gotta go with a 10.  She’s got the look.  That’s an overall rating of 7.3.  Thanks for playing Ms. D.  And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.