sf-tony-avatar.jpg with Tony DiGerolamo

Every Thursday, the Super Frat site lists individuals whose behaviors have been so deplorable that they should eat a dick.

—  The two douchebags involved in the robbery and car chase that left four people dead in Philadelphia, should have to eat dick at 90 mph.

— The racist geezer that shot and killed a guard at the Holocaust Museum should have to eat a huge plate of multi-racial dick to show his tolerance.

— The serial douchebag that killed a bunch of cats in Florida.  May he eat a litter box helping of dick.

— The recession, which took away $1.3 trillion dollars from our wealth.  May it get served a helping of dick in the soup line.

— The giant supervolcano which may one day kill us all.  I say, now, before we’re dead, let it eat a giant plate of dick in the dark when its ash blocks out the sun.

Think someone needs to eat a dick? Email suggestions to dicketer@gmail.com or post in the message board.