More like “Drag me to a Better Movie” (sorry, couldn’t resist).  I love Sam Raimi.  The Evil Dead trilogy really deserves some sort of horror/comedy Oscar.  The Spiderman movies were pretty awesome.  (Okay three has problems, but…)  I honestly don’t know why Raimi made this movie.  It’s essentially an episode of the Twilight Zone stretched out for two hours.

Christine Brown is a loan officer that has to turn down an old gypsy woman for an extension on her mortgage, but when she does the gypsy curses her.  But the problems start there.  Christine clearly MAKES the decision so she can get a promotion.  (Spoiler: She later kills her own cat in an attempt to placate the spirit.  Talk about unsympathetic!) The old woman refuses to ask for help from her granddaughter and her large extended family.  The former makes Christine unsympathetic and the latter is just stupid.  There should be more of an explanation that “she’s too proud”.  I don’t buy it.

(Spoiler warning)  Christine tries to go back to the old woman, but, of course, she’s dead.  She goes to a psychic and his first response is “Come back tomorrow.”  Come back tomorrow?!  She only has three fucking days!  In the beginning of the movie, it’s set up that the Mexican psychic encountered the creature in 1969 and failed.  She wants another shot at it.  But guess what, they demand $10,000 before they will help Christine.  What?  Doesn’t make any sense.  There’s a neat scene with ghosts, but they do nothing to advance the story.  All of it feels like filler until the end which is telegraphed a mile away.

And Raimi’s worst crime?  No Bruce Campbell.  WTF?!  Don’t do this to me, Sam.  And does someone want to explain the 93% rating at Rotten Tomatoes?  Guess no one’s perfect.  This movie should’ve been a half hour and on TV.  Even the scary moments are cheap visual and audio gags that aren’t scary.  And the funny ones are too few and far between.  To some extent, Raimi can’t help himself.  If this had been funny all the way through, it would’ve been so much better.

If you go see this, make sure you’re pretty drunk.  It’ll be better.  I give this movie 3 keggers out of 10.  It barely ranks a rental for me.