Hey Bros:

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s tweets are from legendary guitarist, Slash.  Let’s see what’s he’s got to say.

May 3rd, 12:56pm:  “Recorded a killer jam last night, its really powerful. #fb

The question is, is Slash pimping his stuff or is he really cool musician guy deep into his craft?  Let’s continue…

May 4th, 2:05am:  “Another crazy busy week, but a lot of really cool shit going down in the studio. Iiii||; ), #fb”

Is that a guitar emoticon?  Let’s see the one for groupies.

May 5th, 12:17am:  “will be in the studio until late tonight doing guitars, sounds great though.”

And what’s Axl doing now?  Probably trying to fix his hair.

May 5th, 4:20pm:  “http://twitpic.com/4ma4l – In the studio recording a guitar solo. #fb”

Dude!  Where’s the hat and sunglasses?!  That’s like showing Batman without the cowl!

May 5th, 7:53pm:  “I can not believe I’m sitting 1st row at American Idol. #fb”

What the Hell?  Did one of your fifty girlfriends drag you there?

May 6th, 2:26am:  “Recording a really delicate spanish guitar piece tonight, all night. #fb”

What a cool life it must be just to play guitar all day.

May 6th, 11:53am:  “This record is going to be so fucking cool. #fb”

Plus he’s so into it.  A true musician.  You’re better off without the G&R BS.

May 6th, 8:43pm:  “I’ve got my final performance at AI doing an Alice Cooper tune, then back to the studio. #fb”

Nice!  Look at this guy.  What a life.  By the way, does Alice Cooper have a cane or a walker?

Oh, right.  He just calls up some hotties to hold him up.  Rock stars have it so great.

May 7th, 4:41am:  “3 separate vocals happening this Thurs, Fri & Sat.”

Who is singing I wonder?  How about David Lee Roth?  He’s probably available.

May 7th, 4:55am:  “http://twitpic.com/4pktx – Flamenco into the wee hours. #fb”

Nice.  When does all the groupie banging happen though?

May 7th, 11:07am:  “Alison didn’t deserve to be voted off AI so soon, she has amazing potential. #fb”

Oh, you banged Alison.   Nice.

May 7th, 12:56pm:  “I’ve got a R & R icon coming in to do vocals today, I wish I could say who it is. #fb”

Is it Lemmy?

May 8th, 9:03pm:  “Doing another vocal today, yesterday was amazing. #fb”

Even I’m getting psyched for this album.

May 9th, 3:49am:  “Amazing stuff got done today, & tomorrow should be just as cool. #fb”

All right, don’t oversell it.

May 9th, 4:50am:  “This guitar sound is the best sound I’ve had in a while, just my LP & a JCM800 1/2 stack. #fb”

Guitar techno speak for guitar geeks.  You are like the Guitar Geek king.  That’s what they should’ve called that game.  Guitar Geek.

May 9th, 10:37am:  “After today, we only have 4 songs left record. #fb”

You seem to be burning through the album pretty quickly.  Just stay away from AI.

May 11th, 12:57pm:  “Eric’s got to catch up & start making rough mixes, I’ve got a couple days off. #fb”

So now groupies, right?

May 12th, 2:52am:  “Some cool gtr ideas to try in the studio Wednesday. #fb”

That didn’t last long.  What happened to your day off?   You’re a workaholic, Slash.

May 12th, 3:27am:  “My fucking BB is terminal, again! #fb”

Dude, I have an extra grill if you really need to cook ribs.

May 12th, 7:26pm:  “I drove an Aston Martin DBS today, THAT is a bad car! #fb”

James Bond doesn’t drive a POS.  You should get that.  Plus you got money, add the oil slick and rotating license plates.  It would be sick.

May 12th, 7:28pm:  “I have temporarily rigged my BB until I get a replacement. iiii||; ), #fb”

Finally.  Ribs!

May 13th, 1:26am:  “\,,\ ( ‘ ‘ ) /,,/ #fb”

Headbanger emoticon.  Or a Wolverine one, if you look closely.

May 13th, 3:28am:  “I’m in the final stretch on this record, of course the final quarter is the toughest.iiiii||; ), #fb”

Freebird!  Freebird!

May 14th, 3:07am:  “I just gave my 1st ever gtr lesson, for a charity, its harder than I thought! #fb”

Don’t worry, most of the fourth graders you gave a lesson to have deals with Arista already.

May 14th, 3:39am:  “http://twitpic.com/554u3 – Lemmy & I hanging out. #fb”

Lemmy!  I knew it!

May 14th, 12:04pm:  “Going to a meeting concerning privatizing the LA Zoo, which would be fantastic.”

Dude, you could buy it!  A heavy metal zoo would rock!  All the animals could rock out to guitar metal.  The zoo keepers could wear spikes and leather.  It would be like a dungeon.

May 14th, 7:16pm:  “Man, this shit sounds awesome!! #fb”

The music or the privatizing zoo thing?

May 15th, 3:46am:  “Over at Big Chris’ working on arrangements for next week, this next tune is badass. #fb”

The Celine Dion cover?  I don’t know…

May 15th, 2:57pm:  “Re-doing some guitar parts for a score I finished writing a couple months ago. #fb”

C’mon, you only got four more songs.

May 16th, 1:46am:  “I want to go to Reading Festival but there is too much going on here. #fb”

Focus, Slash, focus.

May 16th, 7:43pm:  “Going in to put some gtr on Jerry Lee Lewis’ new record next week, very cool. #fb”

Jerry Lee?  What’s he like 200 now?  I think you’re just going through the rock of fame one at a time.

May 16th, 11:04pm:  “Btw, I heard a track off the new Wolfmother cd, its fucking killer. #fb”

I liked there last album.  They rock.  Play with those guys.  They’re new.

May 17th, 12:53pm:  “Sadly, I am absent of almost all domestic skills. #fb”

May 18th, 4:25am:  “Doing a bi-coastal vocal session tomorrow from a studio in NY to here in LA. #fb”

Wait, Slash is singing?  And he’s into guys?  I don’t know what’s more shocking.  Just joking about that second thing.  Please don’t send Lemmy to kill me.

May 18th, 9:03pm:  “So far so good with the session in NYC, now I just need to hear it. #fb”

Just move your hair out of the way.

May 18th, 3:28am:  “The recording in NY was a success, thank you Dave Mcnair for engineering the session. #fb”

All the way to NYC just to record.  Nice!

May 19th, 3:32am:  “\,,\ (‘.’) /,,/ R & Fn’ R! #fb”

Wolverine does rock.

21 hours ago:  “We’re arranging an awesome metal track today, we’ll cut it Thurs. #fb”

Just one groupie story, Slash.  Please.

21 hours ago:  “Put solos on a couple tracks for Jerry Lee Lewis today, 1 of my all time favorite rock & rollers. #fb”

It can be a story about a cousin.  Either way.

3 hours ago:  “Pitching a cartoon to Comedy Central today with Mike Sculley of “Simpsons” fame. #fb”

Cool.  I liked the one you did with Robert Evans.  That was fun.

Well, Slash certainly seems like a dedicated rocker, even if he won’t share his groupie stories with us.  For Style I give him a 4 (Dude, don’t take off the sunglasses!), for Mustness I give him a 9 (C’mon, he’s Slash.) and for Insanity a 7 (Surprisingly singleminded, but hey, he hangs out with Lemmy).  That’s an overall score of 6.66!  Appropriate.

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