sf-tony-avatar.jpg  with Tony DiGerolamo

Every Thursday, Chris Moreno lists individuals whose behaviors are so deplorable that they should eat a dick.  This week, fill-in king, Tony D.  (Check out Tony at Newsarama with Brother Hollywood.)

-The Craiglist Killer, whoever he is, should be forced to read all the insane, inane ads on Craigslist, including THESE, all while eating a plate of dick he bought under “erotic services”.

Dick Cheney, who continues to talk about torture like it’s something akin to safety issue.  Like wearing a life jacket on a rowboat or keeping a rubber mat in your shower.  He should eat a pile of dick in the shittiest cell in Bagram prison.

-The guy who created the virus to take down Mac computers.  He should be forced to download dick into his ipod, but then he get his own virus, has to go to the Mac store, wait in line, get an appointment, come back three days later, fix his ipod, download the dick and then eat it.

-The people that run Medicare that overcharged little old ladies for the medicine that keeps them alive and then won’t help them get it back, should have to eat some doctor prescribed, over priced dick.

-To the dumbasses that lost not one, not two, but THREE vials of virus from the Fort Detrick army base.  Let’s hope they all get to go to the mess hall and get a nice steaming plate of creamed dick.

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