Okay, first off, I’m not gay for seeing this movie.  Isla Fisher is easy on the eyes and fantasizing about a potential topless scene can help you get through the movie.  But it’s a chick flick, bros.  A big ol’ chick flick and the missus finally dragged me there.

The basic premise, a girl who can’t stop shopping is ruining her life and can’t get a job at the fancy fashion magazine she wants.  And, oh yeah, she falls for her boss, who happens to be handsome and rich.  Not that that matters mind you, he eskews his family millions to make it on his own.  Except for dancing and lots of crying scenes, this pretty much has all the elements of a chick flick.

But the good news is, it’s a pretty watchable chick flick.  Isla’s hot, as is her roommate.

Played by Krysten Ritter.  There are some funny moments, even if you’re not up on all the inside fashion jokes and shopping jokes.  And, hey, John Lithgow has a cameo and it’s good to see him in something.  Also, unlike a lot of chick flicks, this one didn’t make all the men stupid.  They’re kind of boring, but they’re not stupid.

The movie is a bit long (almost the full two hours) and thought it moves fairly well, by the end I was getting pretty antsy.  The talking manequins were weird, but kinda neat.  Still, I would’ve rather have seen someone explode or Wedding Crashers on DVD.  I give this 5 keggers out of 10.