Welcome bros, to another edition of Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  I’m your host, Tony D.  Today’s twitter target is a fangirl, TV host and producer: caseymckinnon

Casey, sadly, does not have naked pics of herself on the Internet.  But you wouldn’t want that from someone that looks like your friend’s hot sister, right?  Oh, right, we do.  Well, let’s take a look at what she twitters.

January 29th, 1:53pm:  “Woke up at 4:45am feeling extremely relieved that I was just *dreaming* I was going to be murdered by a cult of mutants.”

Casey, Professor Xavier and his brood would never murder someone in their sleep.  You should know better.

January 29th, 3:50pm:  Just uploaded 3 more videos to my YouTube account that I created on Facebook 1-2 years ago: http://is.gd/hIXh”

It’s nice to have some links to free videos.  That last few TIF targets charge $9.95 a month for their videos.  (Make sure you click on “Retarded cats”.)

January 29th, 4:13pm:  The mutants in my dream were more like Dark Angel mutants wearing monk’s robes… apparently killing me is a religious experience.”

January 29th, 5:32pm:  So… uhh… who called me from Michigan this morning?”

Captain Michigan has his reasons.

January 29th, 8:27pm:  Everyone’s always talking about how much they love Flight of the Concords, but I find it boring.”

You’re right, it could use some more cyborgs or mutants.  Well, she may be a geek, but she’s not comedy geek.

January 30th, 12:16am:  Baking my own chocolate chip cookies because store-bought is teh suck.”

Amen to that.  Casey is a woman that likes what she likes, bros and she’s not afraid to say it.  She’s about quality.  Raising the bar.

January 30th, 12:54am:  Two adorable movie babies: Oscar from Ghostbusters II & Toby from Labyrinth.”

She’s a geek, but definitely a girl geek.

January 30th, 1:34am:  How do you like *THEM* cookies? http://flickr.com/photos/ca…”

We like ’em, Casey.  We also like all these link and daily photos.  Makes the twitter that much more visible.  Nice work.

January 30th, 3:13am:  There are some things I *want* to Twitter, but they’re way too harsh… and I just don’t want to put anyone down. You know?”

I find that an extra helping of alcohol will loosen things up.  You won’t give a shit what you’re typing then.

January 30th, 3:42am:  Wondered how this film was made for $218.32 til I read it was an “autobiographical documentary”: http://is.gd/hMye I call it: Filmurbation.”

Says the woman that posts a daily picture of herself.  The whole twitter nation is just the pot calling the kettle black saying something like that.

January 30th, 4:12am:  Downloading a crap load of GarageBand updates… and wondering what the plural of “opus” is – because that’s what I’ll be composing soon.”


January 30th, 4:36am:  Listening to Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus (the song used at the beginning of The Hunger).”

Oh, yeah.  That’s early Goth stuff.

January 30th, 4:50am:  Thinking in terms of “ratio”, the budget of T3 helps me think about how to budget our indie SFX-filled work: http://is.gd/hMMM”

Damn!  Good link.  The Governator got a sick load of money, didn’t he?

January 30th, 2:33pm:  Heading out for lunch with @brigittedale and then coffee with the great John de Lancie (http://tinyurl.com/cwac5t.”

Casey, you geek name dropper you.  What the heck is Q up to these days?

January 30th, 8:37pm:  What a day! Feeling creative and networky… Wrote three more [deleted}s in the car ride today.”

January 30th, 8:38pm:  Also, John de Lancie was delightful… maybe someday I’ll tell him about how my hands were shaking for the first 30 minutes of our meeting.”

Hmmm, one minute she’s working and then the next minute she’s gushing about John De Lancie.  Did she forget and then remember or feel obligated to satisfy her “twitter” audience?  And what’s she working on?

January 31st, 12:47am:  Back from @MeltdownComics, mind racing and trying to relax. LONG, big day.”

Okay, fangirl cred.  Meltdown is a pretty good comic book store.

(Daily self portrait of Casey 1/31/09)

January 31st, 2:15am:  SO STRESSED from watching Battlestar Galactica that I feel like I have indigestion.”

Yeah, I get the same way from watching, uh, nothing.  Why watch a TV show that stresses you?  Still, fangirl cred.  Hey, maybe you over nerded yourself.

January 31st, 2:39am:  Trivia: Does anyone remember the song that Super Dave Osborne sang while flying around on wires in an empty theater? @Reply with link pls.”

Man, that’s a tough one.  All I could find of Super Dave was him telling this joke.

January 31st, 2:43am:  Feeling anxious… going offline.”

Don’t watch Battlestar Galactica.  The original one will really depress you.

January 31st, 2:59pm:  Mmm… Mongolian BBQ”


Well, what have we learned from Casey?  She’s a geek, can bake cookies, has lunch with celebrities and takes a lot of pictures of herself.  She posts some quality links and accompanies her twittering with visuals.  I have to give her an 8 for Style (good links and pics), 4 for Mustness (lots of responses and mundane mixed with the good) and a 6 for Insanity (a bit conceited, but what actor or actress isn’t?), I also give her a bonus of 1.5 for being funny.  That’s an overall score of 7.5.  Not bad.  See you on the geek circuit, Case’!  And hey, if you ever want to review Super Frat, let us know!