Let’s face it.  Our attention spans are shrinking.  There was a time when people read books for days, listen to radio for hours, watched TV for minutes or cruised the Internet before heading out for the evening.  These days, who has time for all THAT?  We’re multitaskers and we’re multitasking.  While you’re reading this you’re no doubt eating, watching a movie and trying to download the fucking Facebook app everyone’s using.  Here at Twitter in Focus, we’re watching media die.  Today’s short attention span target for 15 seconds of fame is ApathyAngel.

January 11th, 9:04pm: “apparently i had night terrors when i was little i remember going to the sleep lab bc we thought they were seizures they hooked me up to”

January 11th, 9:06pm: “wires, City of Lost Children style… i still have them – hence spider dreams i always think are real”

Poor AA has some issues, but its interesting how people make their issues so public on Twitter.  You have to wonder if they are over dramatizing them or looking for sympathy.  Earlier her reaction to spiders was more intense:

January 11th, 8:58pm:  @MagicMax NOOOOO!!!! i HATE spiders!!

Guess you’d have to blame her friend for bringing up the spiders.

January 11th, 9:15pm: “i also used to sleepwalk like crazy and talk in my sleep (still do)”

You must’ve been one sexy somnambulist, AA.  Although as pale as you look, one might’ve mistook you for a really hot zombie.  But hey, that’s okay.  Me and Count Steve love the Goth chicks.

January 12th, 11:40am: “laying in bed REALLY need to pee but too lazy to walk down the hall to the bathroom ARGH life is so difficult!”

As a writer that gets up at the crack of noon, I feel your pain, AA.  I feel your pain.

January 12th, 1:40pm: “managed to snag a dr’s appt this afternoon woo!!!!”

January 12th, 4:45pm: “falling aslep in the waiting room…been here an hour already *yawn*”

Here we are following her day.  I feel like we’ve been carried along.  Oh, did I mention?  AA is a nude model, burlesque performer, gogo dancer and “all around TROUBLE”.  For some reason, her journal link is broke, you can see some of her nude pics here.  It makes following her that much better.  I’m picturing her walking everywhere with those tassles.

January 12th, 5:04pm: “currently being poked, proded, & not believed! doctors are AWESOME!”

What is it about doctors that they never seem to believe women?  I once whined so bad to my doctor, he saw me within two hours and I had drugs in hand within four.

January 12th, 7:58pm: “FUCK LIFE idiot dr. forgot to write out a paper script for the antibiotics and the pharmacy has to order the other shit so I’M STILL SCREWED”

Rough day, AA.  Maybe if you wore more clothes you wouldn’t get sick so often.  Nah, forget I said that.

January 12th, 8:10pm: “taking out my latent anger on these here veggie corn dogs”

Delicious and could be sexy.

January 12th, 8:10pm: “WHY IS MY GUNT SO ITCHY?!?!?”

Not as sexy.  Or spelled correctly.

16 hours ago: “enjoys picking eye crusties what can I say it has a calming effect yes I’m OCD”

Oh, right.  No, antibiotics.

4 hours ago: “current number of Coolatas consumed :2 and counting”

Caffeine will help.

2 hours ago: “Vice is looking for contortionists for a shoot just sent them a bunch of pics of poses feeling really loosened up!!”

Too many Coolatas, AA.  Plus your still sick.

Clearly hanging with a nude model is a mixed bag, bros.  AA really needs to take better care of herself and has a complexion that leaves her maybe one pint of blood short.  Still, for Twitter, she doesn’t seem too self-obsessed.  Where’s the trouble, AA?  I don’t see it.  Unless maybe it’s that itchy GUNT.