Clint Eastwood is back and if you don’t think an old man can be badass, you’re wrong bros.  Eastwood is the master of the revenge movie and he keeps it simple.  (minor spoiler)  Eastwood, as Walt, has just lost his wife.  He toughs it out in his old neighborhood, which has gone down hill.  Asian immigrants and their kids have taken over the neighborhood.  Walt is a grizzled old vet of the Korean War and you can expect most of the words from the racial slur dictionary.  Think Death Wish meets Archie Bunker.  Walt is a relic that just wants to be left alone, but when his new neighbors get harassed by a local gang, he ends up getting involved.  Distant from his real family, Walt slowly comes to adopt a new one that needs him.

Eastwood directs, stars and even does the music for the soundtrack.  Performances are strong all around and the script is tight.  There’s not a moment wasted on screen and you’ll feel like the movie zipped by.  Eastwood says this is going to be his last movie as an actor and he certainly went out on a high note.  It would be a crime, however, if he stopped making movies altogether.

He makes it seem so easy.  There aren’t any major stunts here, no giant robots, no flash, just a simple story about a man caught up in events in his life and his own neighborhood.  He’s torn by his past and a mistake he made during the war.  This is the moment he pulls it altogether and redeems himself.  Even the dog was good.

It’s weird when you review a good movie, because there’s not much to say other than its good.  When you review a bad movie, there’s all sorts of things to dissect and pick apart.  I guess that’s why the simple stories are the best.  Go out and see Gran Torino or you suck.  I give it 10 keggers out of 10.