Uncle Bill’s Pancake House

Brother Hollywood had raved about this place ever since he discovered it while living in Manhattan Beach. It really lived up to its name.

Tony D’s Iced Tea

Ah! The first bucket of iced tea of the day!

Adam’s CoffeeCB

The bros love them some Uncle Bill’s.


Nine dollar grilled cheese at the Artisan Cheese Gallery disappears without a trace.

Ahmet and Paris

Ahmet’s friend Paris (left) and Ahmet (AKA: Brother Thunderdick) discuss the finer points of cheese. (And then conclude they need more frozen yogurt.)

The Bros

Brother Hollywood and Homewrecker goof around at the Comic Bug signing.

Adam and Tony with beer

Beer at a comic book signing? This must really be a Super Frat event!

Phil and CB

Phil Clark (creator of Quantum) stops in to say “hi” to Brother Hollywood.

Comic Bug

The Comic Bug Crew, the bros and 2nd Assistant Pledgemaster Tony D.

Tony and Bart

Finally, I get to meet my boss. He’s a busy man with a large, plastic head.

Raven 1Raven 2Raven 3

Editor Raven Gregory (from Zenescope) samples a Diddy Rees cookie we brought him at the con. The deliciousness is evident.

Thai Food

Adam and our spread of Thai food at the Thai restaurant called Palms.

CB and Sean

Brother Hollywood did the ordering at the Thai place. Brother Inappropriate would not allow the paparazzi to photograph him.

Thai Elvis

The Thai Elvis serenades our shrimp fried rice.

Brothers in LA

Brothers Chimo, Hollywood, Homewrecker and Thunderdick take the pledge. See the rest of the pics of the LA bros here.